goodnight i am SOOOOOsleepy &sneezy lol


new apartment (floral hall art, by me!)

Joyce Manor - House Warning Party
325 plays


no it’s true that I still love you
for how long I never could tell
but our lives are the same
both in shape and in length
for when you die, I will die as well


i swear i get uglier everyday

Same except the exact opposite


andy is me


a cute time


a cute time


*talking to white*
me: hey montgomery we’re friends right? can i ask you a question?
timothy: my name is actually chester but yes
me: why did you pass the chinese exclusion act in 1882

I think we should all remember to not make idols out of people online just because they appear to say convincing stuff, this is often how abusive and nasty people set themselves up as community leaders and become impossible to remove from this position.


breaking bad but todd replaced with snoop’s todd character